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Easy-to-use control system keeps your building comfortable and efficient

Discover Verasys® controls—empowering you to configure a vast array of HVACR equipment and controls without special programming tools. Our newest release includes even more features to customize controls for one building, or for a chain with thousands of locations.

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enterprise view user interface
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Take in the big picture with Enterprise View, capturing trends such as energy use across an entire chain. Or use the newly enhanced Facility View to check and control individual pieces of equipment, such as thermostats or VAV boxes. 
Your time
Factory-mounted VAV controls simplify installation, for significant time savings. And having these controls bundled with the VAV box adds up to significant cost savings.
Smart Building Hub
Your nerve center
At the core of the Verasys system is the Smart Building Hub, a scalable control center that manages multiple building zones and applications in real time. Gain extraordinary control over HVAC, refrigeration and lighting—with seamless integration into other smart applications. Minimize downtime and service costs with easy configuration.
TEC3000 Series
NS8000 Series Network Sensors
Penn A525
PENN® A525 Series
Your controls

Your controls

Use Verasys controls to optimize HVACR equipment performance, with remote connectivity for secure access anytime, anywhere. Verasys is BACnet®-based and connects seamlessly with other equipment, including: