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Reducing Your Total Cost of Ownership

Its easy-to-use controls help maximize energy savings and extend equipment life with minimal effort. In addition to energy savings, Verasys offers turnkey solutions at installation.

An Intuitive Solution at an Affordable Cost
The Verasys Controls System offers prepackaged controls and monitoring along with wireless installation techniques to reduce the upfront installation cost, regardless of the building being a new construction or retrofit opportunity.
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Case Study

Keeping Kansas Students Comfortable For Less

Unfortunately, most Kansas schools are underfunded. So to combat high energy costs, we worked to provide more efficient top-of-the-line HVAC systems, creating a more comfortable learning environment in the process.

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Case Study

Optimizing Heating & Cooling Costs Down For a St. Louis Food Bank

Keeping perishable goods from perishing is top priority for food banks. So to ensure temperatures stayed consistent for less, we partnered with a St. Louis food bank to establish a better building control system that optimized energy usage so they could focus on what was important - feeding their people.

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