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Manage Your Building Portfolio

Manage Your Building Portfolio

Verasys® cloud-based solution makes your multi-site building enterprise smarter. Minimize your IT investment and maximize flexibility.

Enterprise Solutions
Gain a Competitive Edge with Enterprise Software
  • Advanced analytics reveal better insights from your data, supporting proactive maintenance
  • Portfolio management tools include summary and trend reports
  • Energy metering helps optimize use and reduce costs
  • Wireless and cloud connectivity options enhance flexibility
User Interface
Simplify Access to Key Information
  • User-friendly interface makes operation intuitive
  • Enhanced graphics simplify monitoring, troubleshooting and response
  • Easy-to-understand visuals increase productivity
commercial coolers
Monitor Refrigeration Equipment Across Multiple Locations
  • Remote monitoring covers your enterprise
  • Preventative maintenance and temperature management boost energy savings
  • Automated reporting simplifies HACCP compliance
  • Real-time alarms and direct messaging minimize issues

Learn more about PENN® temperature controls.

Get All the IoT Advantages
  • Internet of Things technology optimizes building ecosystems
  • Seamless connection across devices—HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, energy monitoring and field controllers—requires no special programming
  • Real-time performance data increases control to extend equipment life and reduce operating costs