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Smart building control systems let schools provide comfortable learning environments cost efficiently

Safety and comfort are key factors in the performance of K-12 students. Yet, school districts face multiple challenges to providing comfortable learning environments, including inadequate funding, rising energy costs, aging facilities and growing classroom sizes. Fortunately, smart building control systems with plug-and-play technology are affordable, easy to install and simple to operate. They keep students comfortable while lowering overall costs.

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Easy interfaces are making controls systems a powerful tool for the light commercial market

Simple and intuitive user interfaces are making smart control systems accessible to users in light commercial applications. Light commercial building operators lack the time and resources to work with complex navigation, large equipment databases, and elaborate schematic diagrams and spreadsheets. They need interfaces that serve up the information they need, when they need it.

Powerful analytics without system complexity add efficiency to light commercial buildings

With easier installation and lower upfront cost enabled by plug-and-play technology, smart controls systems are breaking new ground in the light commercial market because they put extensive real-time information into the hands of building owners and managers. Having data at their fingertips, whether they are on-site or remote, enables building managers to make faster, more informed decisions and keep buildings running smoothly and efficiently.

Plug-and-play technology offers easy access to powerful controls

Light commercial building owners need smart controls systems to help them better manage their buildings, comply with new regulations, and communicate with other systems, but the complexity and expense of installation and integration has been a barrier. Plug-and-play technologies are simplifying the process.

Plug-and-play smarts: A revolution in environment and systems control for light commercial buildings

Small and mid-sized buildings – long left out of the smart building revolution – are seeing new paths to improved efficiency, productivity and compliance through new technologies scaled for them. Plug-and-play systems are providing light commercial buildings with an easy gateway to the advantages of a smart building: more control, insight, efficiency and cost-savings.

Case Studies

Discover the success stories of light commercial businesses who are transforming their buildings and organizations with Verasys®.

Case Study
Case Study

Read our latest case study on delivering Verasys® plug-and-play controls system for a bi-state region’s largest non-profit food distribution center seeking significant performance gains from their building controls systems.



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Verasys® Zoning System Selection and Pricing Tool
The Verasys® control system selection tool is designed to aid in the selection of Single Zone, Change over Bypass, and Variable Air Volume zoning systems. View the recording from the Ducted Systems Verasys zoning controls product management team as they provide an overview on the new and powerful tool.

Commercial Refrigeration Solutions – PENN + Verasys®
In this recorded webinar, you’ll discover an unbeatable combination of technology driven commercial refrigeration solutions, as our product experts explains why the Verasys controls with PENN equipment are a cool match for an energy efficient and reliable system.

A Control Revolution for Small and Mid-Sized Buildings
While building automation systems bring high efficiency to complex facilities and campuses, and while simple digital devices serve homes well, mid-market commercial buildings in large measure have been poorly controlled, sacrificing occupant and visitor comfort and wasting energy.

Increase Productivity with Verasys® Plug and Play Controls
View a demonstration from our controls expert to see how Verasys® can maximize staff productivity, increase facility uptime, and add value to your growing business.

Verasys® for Light Commercial Buildings
Hear our industry professionals discuss measures to optimize equipment, applications and components for light to mid-size commercial business. Get a glimpse of the smart technology from the demonstration and hear about a customer’s success story.

Maintaining Your Competitive Advantage with New Verasys® Features
Verasys® has provided optimal user experiences for light commercial environments. The smart and simple plug-and-play controls system continues to evolve with new features and benefits to maximize occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

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