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Transform Your Business

Offer your light commercial customers a high-value, easy-install solution that optimizes HVACR equipment and controls. Sell the Verasys® technology as a building control solution or a complete HVACR system.




Enhance Value and Reduce Risk
  • Easy installation and configuration support budget-friendly solutions.
  • Plug-and-play simplicity reduces implementation risk.
  • Factory-mounted VAV controls cut installation time.
  • User-friendly interface with enhanced graphics makes troubleshooting intuitive
Showcase your expertise
Showcase Your Expertise
  • Deliver one-stop shop convenience of HVAC/R equipment and controls.
  • Sales support and technical training let you address customer needs confidently and completely.
  • Seamlessly connect Smart Equipment and easily configure third party equipment.
Grow your service business
Grow Your Service Business
  • Remote connectivity capabilities let you offer efficient monitoring, notification and preventive maintenance services.
  • Help your customers make smart decisions to optimize their systems—serving them as a partner.