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Verasys® controls system empowers you to design and optimize your building to keep occupants comfortable, productive and safe.

You have more options to reduce costs and increase control of HVAC, refrigeration and lighting equipment. Verasys® is a configurable system that streamlines installation and commissioning, and helps facilities perform at peak levels.

Reduce cost of ownership
Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy-to-use controls maximize energy savings and extend equipment life—reducing operating costs.
  • Turnkey solution offers installed cost savings.
  • Support for advanced sensors, controllers and thermostats creates new opportunities for efficiencies.
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Gain Maximum Efficiency Up Front
  • Plug-and-play controls system cuts installation time and complexity.
  • Simple interface delivers vital building data for immediate control of your environment.
  • Secure remote access makes it easy to manage your building from anywhere.
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Make/Enable Long-term Operating Improvements
  • Advanced level of control provides flexibility for scheduling, alarming, setpoints, and more.
  • Predictive detection allows you to take a proactive approach to servicing your system.
  • Early issue identification supports quick response to minimize downtime.